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Re: RANT: 'Cause' != 'Because' Re: Changing Language in a Modern Era

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Thursday, July 11, 2002, 20:09
On Thursday, July 11, 2002, at 01:14 , Tristan McLeay wrote:

> If you're going to refuse to write 'because', can you please at least > use 'coz' or ''cause' (or even 'cuz', which I've seen, but always > reminds me of 'cud')? Coz the two words are pronounced nothing alike for > me and cause me to have extreme difficult in working out what you meant,
Thanks, Tristan, you've manage to translate one of Abrigon's mails for me! I genuinely could not understand his first sentence simply because, as you say, I read "cause" as "cause" [kO;z] and not as [kQz] 'coz it wasn't spelt like that.
> requiring a second, third, fourth or even fifth reading before > I can work it out,
You're more patient that I am. Not understanding it on second reading, I trashed it.
> but your job, as a writer, is to make it as easy as > possible for me, the reader, to understand you.
This is IMHO even more the case now that the number of non-L1 English speakers on this list is happily increasing. For goodness sake, if L1 speakers like Tristan & myself have trouble understanding this self-confessed lazy typist, how much more difficult must it be for those on this list for whom English their L2 or L3? {snip}
> On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 10:03, Abrigon Gusiq wrote: >> I remember reading years ago, that cause of our modern written language, >> that the language is less likely to change as fast as it once did, or >> not change at all. But anyone find anything to the contrary? Seems that >> lingos change at much the same rate as it does without writting/TV and >> like?
Umm - and like what? I'm not certain I fully understand the last sentence. I fully endorse Tristan's rant. Traffic is fairly high on this list at the moment, but I don't want to waste my time trying to decipher the delphic messages of an L1 English speaker. Ray.