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Re : verbal classifiers

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Date:Thursday, May 20, 1999, 19:03
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 20/05/99 19:30:11  , Matt a =E9crit :

> As I see it, the possibilities are endless. With a collection of, say, > three dozen preverbs, you could produce an extremely large number of verb=
> using just a few roots. > =20 > What do people think? > =20 > Matt.
Your idea is just great : that's roughly how Tunu works ;-). It has 35 preverbs which enable me to make verbs from any 29 kinds of nouns=20 listed on However I've always refreined from using too many locative and lative=20 preverbs (there are only eni =3D to be by/at and era =3D to wend as) Examples : nasi =3D knife eto =3D to work according to one's function etonasi =3D to cut as a knife=20 epe =3D to use according to the item's function > epenasi =3D to cut with a = knife ene =3D to suffer the use of an item > enenasi =3D to be cut with a knife nasi oto ririki one kana ope tana =3D you cut me with some metal as with a=20 knife=20 eko =3D to get on, or feature and use for one's benefit according to the ite= m's=20 function kapa =3D boat > ekokapa =3D to sail on a boat mata =3D eye > ekomata =3D to see era =3D to wend according to the pattern of roro =3D circle > eraroro =3D to go round ena =3D to posture as >enaroro =3D to round up epi =3D to be sensed as > epiroro =3D to look round kiri =3D joy etu =3D to express > etukiri =3D to cheer emi =3D to feel > emikiri =3D to be happy there are preverbs such as "to consume", "to make by working", "to make by=20 growing", "to source", "to grant", "to sense", etc. Mathias =20