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Re: pitaWiSa writing system

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Friday, February 28, 2003, 7:03
Christophe Grandsire wrote:
> > > > Is there any specific logic to this mapping? > > > >My logic at least, I'd have made exactly the same mapping. > > > Had I been doing it, I'd almost certainly made it p/i t/a k/u, on the > > basis > > that it's front C or V, middle C or V and back C or V. I'm afraid I'm > > pretty > > (or prettily?) predictible on some points. > > > >Predictable? Since frontness-backness has little to do with PoA, I find >your >mapping extremely strange. u is rounded, thus labial, and thus belongs >definitely with p. a is often connected to back consonants (remember the >thing >about the name of Re in Egyptian being Ria3, the [a] being there only >because >of the presence of the back consonant 3?) and thus fits well with k, and i, >being palatal, belongs with t which is the closest there.
I said that I, not the mapping I'd make, am predictable. When pointed out, your and Rachel's mapping makes alot of sense, but it's simply not the first thing I'd tought of. Andreas _________________________________________________________________ The new MSN 8: advanced junk mail protection and 2 months FREE*