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Lexicon counting

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Monday, September 4, 2006, 3:22
Feaelin Moilar wrote:
>> This has boosted the lexicon to 267 entries. > > I've occasionally wondered and only now been motivated to ask, when one > counts the entries, what do you count? I'm presuming only one form of the > word (in the situation of conjugation, declensions, and the like) and > myself I would exclude an whole group of entries in my data that are > "famous names". > > Since the original reason I tinkered with a conlang was to give a > consistent feel to the fictional names I was using, early on, 'famous > names' made up most of the entries. Now, the other entries represent about > 4/5th's of my data, and the names are the rest. :) > > Iain/Feaelin
I typically count paragraph breaks in the (Language)-English index. This usually gives a pretty good approximation: any entries closely enough related to be listed on the same line (such as plural forms) will show up as a single entry, but compounds listed on separate lines will count as distinct entries.