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*My* new website

From:Christopher B Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 27, 2002, 21:38
I had a website for a PBeM (play-by-email) game. That game has flopped,
so I have learned about cascading stylesheets and made on this URL a new
website, forged in HTML and dedicated to the proposition that anyone, no
matter how boring, can be found on the Web.

At, you'll find an incomplete site about
Runda, Lashkos, and Fampónd right now, and Sturnan is to follow. It's set
up in a somewhat haphazard fashion, though I hope to clean it up soon.
Runda, the lingua sina* of Erdhom. Lashkos, Latin from o'er the Indus.
Fampónd, a secret language of a secret people. Sturnan, once the language
of all Erdhom, until the Samanan Empire fell.

On my site, there is also information on my vampire culture, and there
will be information on Erdhom.

*I was trying for "Chinese language" in French. Runda might not be the
language of diplomacy, but it has the most speakers.

Christopher Wright
The master of weregilds
The Orange Balloon Man