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Missing Words

From:Matthew Bladen <matthew.bladen@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 13, 2002, 1:28
My main conlang, Tismira, lacks the word 'and', at least when used in
a connective sense. This was originally because I forgot to invent a
word for 'and', but I've since decided to keep the omission as an
exercise to see how far I can get away with it. ('So' or 'therefore'
are used to indicate a consequence, and 'then' when indicating a series
of actions in time... if you see what I mean... I use the English
words because I don't yet have the Tismira ones; reinvention and all
that :)

This isn't the boldest step in the world, I know, but I thought I'd
bring it up to ask a more general question: what words have other
conlangers felt able to do away with, and why? By 'do away with' I
mean 'not represent, not have exist' as opposed to expressing notions
via cases and whatnot. I suppose definite and indefinite articles are
the most obvious.

Note: 'Tismira' is the "Latin" of my convoluted earlier analogy, the
liturgical and diplomatic language or acrolect (depending on region)
used as a lingua franca.


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