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Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 7A

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 22, 2004, 18:49
NOTE: This is grouped with the Sehahuzu material because it concerns Diwibira
(Small Whirlwind)the son of Sehahuzu/Yawalira. I number it 7A because it only
(as far as I am aware as of now) in Rihana-ye, not in Kushy Yemu.
LANGUAGE NOTE:  The inserted expressions "Roihana-ye tiha" and "tiha-ba-fe"
alter the meaning of the text significantly; with these insertions it is
saying the Rihana-ye rulers are doing badly and the rulers should be killed.
Without those insertions it would say that the Pihana-ye (Kushy) people who submit
to Rihana-ye rule are doing badly and should be killed.
John Leland

Diwibira-ye Hetiha
Small Whirlwind's Revolt

Yawalira-ye bada Diwibira wivaro:
Blackwind's son Small Whirlwind said:
Seba-ye tidakoba wiwono-mi, se kere
My (high) father was dying, this from
seba veba-ye jomiva jo-vi. Pihana-ye
I his plan will do. Hotland-of
baka-fe Rihana-ye tiha nu nojo-mi,
people Coldland-of government humbly serving
(Rihana-ye tiha) Pihana-ye vini baka-fe-be hebu jo-mi
(Coldland's govt.) Hotland's faithful people evilly doing
se kere feseba sefe hevini (tihaba-fe) biwo-bi.
this from we these unfaithful (rulers) must kill.
se kere seba Hemanathe-ye bibasa-me vibasa-ye viba-fe
this from I Desetedge's fort-in temple-of priests
wibiwo, ge Hemanathe-ye tiba biwo-vi, ge fufe baka-fe
killed, and Desertedge's lord will kill, and all people
hetiba-pe wobo-mi biwo-vi." Se hlo-mi, dife
revolt-against fighting will kill. " This hearing, a few
wi hetiba-fe veba-de (wi)vejo-mi, sepe fugefe baka-fe veba-pe
old rebels him-to (were) coming, but many people him-against
tiha-deke wiwobo.
government-for fought.

Copied 5.15.04