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Yet another new one

From:Christian Köttl <h9551046@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 6, 2002, 10:40
Hi to all conlangers,

I have been subscribing to the list some er... weeks ago, I now would
like to introduce myself. My name is Christian Köttl (If you cannot
see the second letter of my surname: It is an o with two dots on it,
an Umlaut). My native language is German, although I have learned
Latin, a bit  of Ancient Greek and English at school, a bit of Dutch
during half a year in Antwerp (Flanders) and now a try to learn some
French. I have to add that I am from  Vienna, Austria.

My conlanging experience was beginning at the age of 14 when I
constructed my first real conlang that was not just for naming
characters in a short story. It was agglutinating (like so  many
starters, I think) and I have got really far with it until I noticed
how implausible some parts of the language were. Nevertheless, it is
some sort of complete, and I even wrote one chapter of a book for
starters and developed parts of a syllabary.

Later on, other sketches of languages followed, but most of them were
discarded due to new ideas (and other non-conlanging projects) before
they could develop. For a some time now, I try to construct three
families of languages for a fantasy setting, and I am now deep into
the language of the Orachai, which has many features of an isolating
language but also some remnants of an inflecting past.  More on that
probably later on.

So, hello again and till the next posting ;)

Christian Köttl


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