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CHAT: Temperature /Food and Drink

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, August 4, 2002, 0:08
>Well, this is actually not a concultural, but a real tactic to fight heat.
>can be summed up as: When it's hot, eat hot!
It's true!! (snipalot)
>and the barman prepared him a strange red drink, probably >based on tomatoes, but the spiciest thing my friend ever absorbed
Sounds like a Bloody Mary, which gets its hot from Worcestershire sauce and taste.... I think the pepper reacts with the acid in the tomato juice and becomes even hotter. (and to tell
>you how much my boyfriend can stand hot food, he is the kind of people who
>chew a bunch of Chili pepers and say: "Yum! sweet!" ;)))) ).
I've seen Indonesians wolfing down hot peppers, sprinkled with lime juice which they claim increases the heat. It's possible that volatiles in Capsicum peppers do something. Or perhaps the pain in the mouth makes one ignore the discomfort of ambient heat and humidity.
> >I myself checked on a smaller level the truth of this technics after eating >dinner in an Indonesian restaurant (the cook had made a little mistake,
>a bit too much spice - I'd say, half a can ;))) - in a part of our "mild" >dinner :))) ). >
Oddly, despite its reputation and with one or two exceptions, I found Indonesian (Javanese) cuisine quite bland. The secret of course is _sambal_, mashed up hot red chilies, served on the side and added to taste. (As someone once said of peasant fare, which is basically rice with rice on the side, "It helps you choke down all that rice".) Of course it's possible our cook just wasn't very good. Even the Indonesian students staying at the guest-house complained about the food. I dropped 20 lbs./~10kg. in 2 months........


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