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SF con seeks conlang teachers

From:Tim Smith <tim.langsmith@...>
Date:Sunday, November 28, 2004, 2:26
Hello, all!  I've recently returned to the list after far too long an
absence, and have just been lurking for the past month or so (mostly too
busy to keep up with the traffic, let alone actively participate).

I'm delurking now to announce that Norwescon 2005, which will take place in
Seattle, Washington, USA on March 24-27, 2005, is looking for people to
teach classes in conlangs.  The theme of the con is "The Language of
Fantasy and Science Fiction" and the Science Guest of Honor is Suzette
Haden Elgin (the inventor of Láadan).  In keeping with that, they're
planning to offer classes in various conlangs as part of the con
program.  They already have people teaching introductory Klingon and
Láadan, and they'd like to add more conlangs if they can find people
willing and able to teach them.  They're particularly interested in Quenya,
Sindarin, Kiffish, and Thranx, but would be open to others.  If you're
interested, you can contact me (off-list, please!), and I'll pass your
information along to the Norwescon program people.

PS:  I'm also going to be on the program -- but not as a conlang teacher,
because there aren't any conlangs that I know well enough to teach (not
even my own).

- Tim