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Re: Cardinal vs Ordinal Age

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Monday, November 3, 2003, 7:46
dansulani wrote:

> Recently, the discussion around my supper table >turned to the fact that, in English, with the word "old", >one generally uses cardinal numbers; that is: >one says: "He is ten years old" and not >* "He is tenth year old". (Living in a bilingual houshold >results in some very interesting suppertimes! ;-) ) >It _is_ possible to use ordinal numbers, as in >"He is in his tenth year", but it's not usually done >(at least in the variety of English that I speak). > This got me wondering how we all refer to >age in our various conlangs. In my conlang, rtemmu, >I use ordinal numbers to refer to age. For example: > "He/She is 40 years old" would be: >( o` = [O]; g~ = [N] ) >inawasyasna duhl auag nu tukuhyehvdo`g~leh na dwexas.
I've thought about this before. Your very FIRST year of life is the one from the day you were born -- your zeroth birthday -- until your first birthday, when you're LESS than a year old. Your SECOND year of life begins on that day -- your first birthday -- and continues until your second birthday. In your fortieth year, you are thirty-nine. M -- Nap "am" k'azmas'na spac'ud miliibabzigir.


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