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Mongolian names

From:Andrew Smith <hobbit@...>
Date:Monday, May 17, 1999, 7:37
Browsing through a copy of the New Internationalist I found an article on
naming in Mongolia by a regular correspondent.  I took a note of the names
it mentioned.

muhai, ugly, apparently not used as a name, but as an epithet meaning
'darling': my ugly girlfriend.

Mene, many, the promise of wealth

Gansukh, Steel Axe, implying strength

Sansar-Huu, Son of the Cosmos

Zerleg, Savage, Barbarian, implying vitality

Chudruck, Fist, another manly name

Neer-Gui, No-Name, given to a child by a couple who had already lost five
of her siblings on the advice of a lama to please the Buddhist deities, a
humble name.

Batta-kuz, Camel Eyes, because camel eyes are beautiful.

Sazug, Smelly, but doesn't mean smell bad.

Zolbin, Stray, an affectionate name.

Yalvita, Victory, a name of a boy.

Tsetseg, Flower, a name of a girl.

Buga, Bull.

Altan Duul, Golden Flame.

Malmas, named for the Almas, a legendary wild beast of Mongolia.

- andrew.

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