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Unwarranted Erratum

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Sunday, November 30, 2003, 14:13
Looking thru some old .txts, I realize that I gave the wrong ancestral form
for the Tersnuvu name _Sórva_; it should be from Primitive Azainic *_sabhar-
bhanan_, not *_sabhar-abhan_. Either would yield _Sórva_ in Tersnuvu*, but the
former is explicitly mentioned as the ancestral form in my notes - I guess
intermediate froms are attested. Or I may simply have replaced the element
_abhan_ with _bhanan_ ... I can no longer remember.

* Strictly speaking, only in Amraikavu dialect. In Classical Literary Taxte
they would end up as  *_Saurvan_, and in most modern dialects as _Sorvan_.


PS In case anyone cares, _sabhar_ means "ray, jet", while both _bhanan_ and
_abhan_ have to do with leadership; the name is to be interpreted as "Ray
Commander" or some such. The House of Sórva was one of Amraika's leading noble
houses until the last head of the house, Erku Sórva, being betrayed in a
political power struggle by a close friend, refused to have the matter settled
the legal way, having good reasons to believe the judges would not be
impartial; instead he started a blood feud, which ended with the eradiction of
the Sórvas**, but only after a number of major cities had been flattened.

** Or the Seirve, if you prefer the native plural.