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Re: Missing langs? (was: Re: Conlang T-shirt)

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Friday, October 22, 1999, 17:22
Paul Bennett wrote:

> Going back to the original discussion (around a pub table at the recent > conlangcon): > > I think we agreed against Klingon on the principle that any useful
> is commercially protected. Conlang (the list at least) seems to be far too
> of an "open source" endeavour to condone that sort of thing. E-o I think
> could accept, but I'm not personally sure whether Quenya falls under the
> banner as Klingon, not knowing enough about the promulgation of Tolkiens
> in general.
There's a story to be told there. Apparently there are vast amounts of information on Tolkien's languages *extant*, but they are in the possession of about four scholars, who were given the material by Christopher Tolkien in order to publish it, the way Christopher himself has published Tolkien's history. But they have been singularly unforthcoming in publishing it, and have viciously attacked people who have so much as web-published *a single sentence scrawled absent-mindedly by Tolkien in the corner of a sheet of paper* from that collection. The Tolkien estate itself, and Christopher Tolkien, have not themselves commented one way or another on this, though Christopher Tolkien is known to have cited with apparent approval an early "unofficial and unauthorized" publication about Elven linguistics, and J.R.R. himself is known to have wanted more material on his languages to be available to the public. But these scholars, known as the "Elfconners," have done their best to suggest that for anyone except themselves to publish anything, on paper or on the web, about Tolkien's languages, is an offense against his ghost and a disservice to his heirs. They have in fact even attempted to conceal, as much as possible, the fact that they *have* the materials. And needless to say complaints about the many years going by without a single page of Tolkien's clear handwriting being converted to print are intolerable to them. Interestingly, while reading all this, I found out that a net-acquaintance of mine, David Salo, whom I know from completely unrelated contexts, plays a key part in the story: Relevant links: ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------