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Rihana:Hetiba-fe-ye Diha-fe 2

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Sunday, May 23, 2004, 4:52
NOTE:  This is the second item in the Hetiba-ye Diha-fe collection, which is
made of the smaller texts in the Hetiha group.  This one describes the actual
beginning of the Hetiha revolt, which was an aftereffect of a war in which the
province of Hemanathe (Desertedge) had been invaded by the nation called
Hemana (Desert) in Rihana-ye--the nation whose own name for itself is Jasas
(Fatherland) and whose language Jases Lalal I have been developing in recent months.
The governor Wivika who was appointed in the charter printed in Diha-fe I had
been killed during the war and replaced by the governor
Zalivane mentioned below. (Fuller accounts of this war are in other texts in
a separate collection.)

II. Hetiba-fe-ye Wivaroha
    Freemen's writing
Hemanathe-ye woboha-ve, niba-fe wivaro:
Desertedge's war-after, peasants said:
Tivaba-ye biba-fe fesebaka-pe wiwobo
Mangod's warriors us-against fought
ge fesabaka-ye feboha wibo, veba-fe
and our property took, they
Tivaka-ye vibasa wibibo, Tivaka-ye
Goddess's temple captured, Goddess's
vika-fe wibigiyo, ge vibasa wipo,
priestesses raped, and temple burned.
sepe Tivaka he wijo. Tivada Tivaka-je
but Goddess not did. Childgod Goddess-by
Rihana-ye biba-fe fesebaka-fe-te tiba-fe wijo.
Coldland's warriors us-over lords made.
Sefe kere, fesebaka tiva--fe-be vikoha-fe
These from, we gods-to offerings
he ko-vi. Sefe niba-fe hetiba-fe
not give-will. These peasants freemen
sese-de sevaroha wiko.
themselves-to name gave,
Sepe tiba-fe sefe niba-fe petiba-fe-je
But lords these peasants rebels-by
sevaroha wiko. Hy-i fizawa-me
name gave. Sixth year-in
Pitibada-ye tiha-me sefe hetiba-fe
Hotprince's reign-in these freemen
Hemanathe-ye tiba Zalivane-pe
Desertedge's lord Copperbeard-against
wiwobo-mi, Zalivane Hemanathe-ye
were fighting, Copperbeard Desertedge's
bibasa kywa-me jo-gi wijivajo,
fortress second time-in make-to planned
kere veba ze niba-fe-ke dy yala-ye
so he now peasants-from three silver-of
diha-fe bo-gi wituvaro.Niba-fe yala he
pieces take-to ordered.Peasants
yala he wiko, sepe petiha veba-pe wijo.
silver not gave, but rebellion against made.
copied 3.18.04