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CHAT: Early Music (was: Re: Subject: Re: My Conlanging History)

From:Caleb Hines <cph9fa@...>
Date:Sunday, December 21, 2003, 7:34
> Don't they have keys? I saw a bass once, and it > had keys. I would suspect all the bigger ones > would as well! Particularly the g-b.
The number of keys depends on the maker or company that builds the recorder. Bass recorders usually do have a few keys down at the bottom, (I've even seen some Tenors with a key), but most of the keys are left of. I forget exactly how many keys this particular GB has. There are at least a few at the bottom, probably more than a normal Bass. But IIRC, most of the wholes are left open. Also, its probably _at least_ 6 in (15 cm) in diameter, so just wraping your hand around the thing is a chalange!
> Any cornetts in your group?
Not that play with us, though I think someone did build one from a kit. It would be cool though. Also, not everything we do is Early Music. We once did a Sousa march arranged for 7 part (I think) recorder "orchestra."
> > anything technical (though that never stopped > > me from composing for violin!) > > Violin is something I never took a liking to. > Fiddle is ok. How about hurdy gurdy? That aint > too technical (well, not if you don't add all the > doodads), and was a popular instrument in the > day.
AFAICT, the hurdy gurdy was a folk instrument -- there wasn't a whole lot of published music for it, though I think Telemann did some stuff with it. But I haven't. I know almost nothing about the instrument. I generally write for 4-part strings (1st/2nd vlns, vla, vlc), with whatever woodwinds I want: recorders, flutes, oboes, and bassoons. On occaision, I get boisteous, and write something for Baroque trumpets and timpini. Of course, if I'm doing chamber music, it will be for 1 to 3 of the aforementioned instruments along with a basso continuo. I also do 4-part recorder stuff. BTW, I posted a picture of a Great Bass Recorder from an outdoor performance that a few of us Recorder Society members did in costume at a Renaissance Fair a while back. The instruments, from left to right are: Alto, Great Bass, Soprano, Bass, and Tenor. That's me on the left with the Alto. Find it at: Thanks, ~Caleb


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