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Re: Katabala's Grammar Revised

From:Dr. David E. Bell <dbell@...>
Date:Friday, November 12, 1999, 16:25
I am soo far behind in reading this list.  Please excuse the very late

> From: Austin Taylor > > Here is my revised grammar, so completely disregard the old > one because the example sentence was not grammatically > structured properly. Also, I'm not sure if I sent you all > the one with the ablative case or not, but here it is in > final form along with the other stuff (and, yes, adverbs DO > modify prepositions):
> Adverbial functions are accomplished > by adding prefixes to the adjective or preposition; adverbs do > not modify verbs. Prefixes can also modify prepositions.
Hmmm. You might want to alter your terminology here as the primary function of "adverbs" in the commonly understood sense is to modify verbs.
> Word Order > > The word order of a Katabala sentence is SOV.
Is this the only word order or the primary (unmarked) word order? Are subordinate clauses always SOV as well? Is word order effected at all by pragmatics, e.g. Topic/Focus considerations)? David