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OT: Meta: Wikipedia

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 26, 2005, 3:15

And Rosta <a.rosta@...> writes:
>... > To sum up, the very fact that wikipedia can entertain the sort of crap > spouted by the deletionists makes me think that the wikipedia project > is bled of much of its value, and hence that battles over the > inclusion of this or that conlang are not worth fighting. >...
I have the same problems wrt. the spirits of that project concerning only the content of some articles. Even if all articles are kept and nothing is ever deleted, some are still so much poisoned with, hmm, the current common spirit/attitude/opinion or the biased opion of the most active Wiki editors in that area, that it is impossible to stand reading those articles. And further I then come to the same conclusion: it's futile editing -- two seconds after my edit someone else will 'correct' may corrections. But how to fix these problems? Disallowing deletion does not help much. OTOH, it is definitely needed to prevent total garbage. **Henrik