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isolates in sentances Re: initial mutation or trigger? Re: re Mutations

From:Rodlox <rodlox@...>
Date:Friday, October 15, 2004, 8:04
> > an isolate either at the beginning of a sentance (common), or just > > before the word...and the trigger can change the meaning of a > > sentance by simply being one letter different. > > Ok... this isn't right. I'm not even sure what it means, but it's > certainly not a correct definition of "trigger". > > I'm not sure what you mean by "isolate". The only linguistic use > of that term I know is a language without an (known) relatives, > i.e. one that is not a member of any language family". Clearly that's > not what you mean here.
by 'isolate' in this context, I mean...well, I had already learned that, when the parts of a language are not linked together in one big (linkedtogetherinonebigsentance) sentance, it's called isolating (it is call -ed isolate -ing). sorry for being unclear.


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