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UE ligature

From:T. A. McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Friday, September 7, 2007, 9:47
Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:

> In Micro$oft Word one can select the first letter and then > navigate menu to Format > Font, select the Character Spacing > tab and adjust the spacing value appropriately. I'm afraid > I don't know if/how it can be done in OpenOffice. It is of > course tortuous but possible to do it in TeX.
"Tortuous" not at all: u\kern -0.25em e I was using this method when I actively delt with Føtisk. It looked particularly good in ygoth (given that Føtisk is written in Gothic fonts). In that context, I usually defined a command, so in practice I typed {\ue}, but it did the same thing. (Føtisk also uses æ, œ and ao ligatures; ä, ø, å, and y are considered short ligatures, but obviously aren't drawn using this or a similar method. Typically, the æ, œ and y ligatures have an overdot, but it's not contrastive.) -- Tristan.


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