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Re: Programmers requested for dictionary

From:Boudewijn Rempt <bsarempt@...>
Date:Friday, November 3, 2000, 6:19
On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Eric Christopherson wrote:

> > I'm in about the same boat. I'd really like to actually learn how to > actually program something, rather than just knowing some C++ keywords and > syntax, which I admit is a far cry from knowing how to *use* it. I'm trying > to learn KDE2 and Qt 2.2.1, but reading about programming doesn't really > help me unless I have something to program, which I don't ATM. So would > amateurs such as I be welcome to help with Kura? I'd love to learn Python, > and if it *is* as easy to learn as you say... >
Sure: the best way would be to dive in. First installing it (and note that the current snapshot doesn't work with Qt 2.x and KDE2, but I'm working on that), reading a bit of the code, and then trying to code a feature. Something like search functionality for the web interface might be a bit ambitious, but should be fun to do. There is also lots to do with the gui interface, with the actual 'intelligence' - parsing texts, matching words, connecting word forms to roots. A nice clone of the Shoebox text editor is on the agenda, as is a Shoebox import filter. The status of Kura is that I'm currently switching to Python 2.0 and Qt 2.0. Switching to Python 2.0 means that there's a problem with the database connection, which means that you can't seach for words, just for numbers. The switch to Qt 2.0 is relatively painless, even if there isn't a way to edit texts just yet... Boudewijn Rempt |