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Re: Telficir

From:M. Astrand <ysimiss@...>
Date:Sunday, December 29, 2002, 22:01
Daniel Andreasson wrote:
> >Greg Williams wrote: > >> Ha.... _danielyar_ comes from younger >> sister's name. hehe... I have absolutely _no_ qualms >> about borrowing words, especial changing people's names >> into adjectives or noun. One friend, Kelly, was described >> to me by another as being overbearing at times, so now, >> _kelliar_ means 'queen' and _kelliane_ means 'to rule/reign'. >> I'm having too much fun with this. :) > >Aha. That's what I guessed. I did the same with my conlang >Rinya some years ago. I guess I really should change the words >for "love", etc. since it's someone else right now. :) > >OTOH, David Peterson's Megdevi is still called Megdevi (AFAIK) >so I guess I could just let them be. :I > >AFAICR, I just had "nice" words. No words for annoying people. >If I did the same today I know some good candidates for the >more unpleasant words. Wait a minute. I *should* incorporate >people's names into my new conlang. > >::sneaks away, coming up with words to get back at those >annoying people I have to put up with:: :) > >MWAHAHAHAHAAAA! ;)
You guys are far from being the only ones. Actually, we're in famous company. Read about the history of Siegesbeckia at There must be something about Swedes and conlanging...
>I guess in daily speech a word for "sneaky bastard" is MUCH >more used than for instance "tree" or "dog" or "fish". > >Daniel Andreasson >
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