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Mnau Clause Patterns

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 24, 2000, 1:54
Hi, all, 

I'm starting another conlang called mnau.   

Here are some initial thoughts on the core 

grammar.   What are some of the problems

with this?   


A = A noun phrase that stands for an agent or experiencer.

P = A noun phrase that stands for a patient or stimulus.

V = A verb.

R = A complement of result. 

S = The subject of a copular or existential verb.

C = The complement of a copular verb.

2.2 BASIC CLAUSE PATTERNS: In this grammar, basic clause patterns are named by the
sequences of abbreviation- letters that summarize them. So, for instance, a
clause with AVX pattern is herein called an AVX clause.

(Here are the clause patterns 

and the kinds of ideas they 

are used to express, which are shown in quotes.)


"A moved." 

"A ate."


"A moved to P." 

"A ate P." 


"A melted." 

"A was eaten." 


"A beat P to a pulp." 

"A made P happy." 

"A donated P, making it Mary's." 

(i.e. A gave P to Mary.)


"P was beaten to a pulp." 

"P was made happy."

"P was donated, making it Mary's." 

(P was given to Mary)


"There is an S."


"S is a puppy." 

"S is happy."