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flowing script (erat: Thought and Language)

From:BP.Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Friday, December 18, 1998, 17:12
> > On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Nik Taylor wrote: > > > > [snip] > > > On a related note, has anyone here invented a flowing script like Arabic > > > or our cursive, where all the letters are joined? I find that very hard > > > to invent, and have given up several times.
I did one many years ago -- age 13 ca.! -- which was definitely unbeautiful, then again one when I got dissatisfied with the shorthand system I was using at the time and started to investigate the theory of shorthand construction. I came across one system which had all signs that were not actually squiggles or curves *on* the base line start and end on the base line. I developed a more non-shorthand script, with fewer distinctions based only on relative dimensions of similar shapes, no single signs for "clusters", no pen-pressure distinctions etc. on the same principles -- principles which anyway differ from most shorthand systems, which don't care about words lying on a line at all, ant thus inherently less short, since the "short" in "shorthand" refers to time, not to length on paper. What I retained was the principle of all strokes being meaningful; ordinary Roman handwriting involves a mass of joining strokes, which serve no other purpose than allowing the pen to stay on the paper while moving from one letter-shape to the next, and this shows. Arabic has much less of this, with one important exception: the final strokes used on final and isolated letters. I didn't find my project very successful though, and besides I was too caught up at the time in designing a shorthand, so I didn't stay at the designing or use the script very long.