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Conlang Indexes

From:Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon) <dragon@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 2, 2005, 6:01
I had an idea for a Conlang index with a difference ... one that
emphasises the interesting and unusual grammatical approaches that
constructed languages can use, and can therefore be a source of
grammatical ideas for others.

I've uploaded a prototype of this idea, and included a few conlangs
that I know about, just enough to give an impression of what I have
in mind.

Here is the prototype:

Do people think that this approach is a good idea? Are there any
comments, advice and suggestions? Should I go ahead and ask for


Secondly, has anybody created a Conlang index that includes a short
spoken sample of each language?

There really ought to be such a thing, but if there isn't then I'm not
offering to host it - although I would if I had the space (I would
strictly enforce an upper size limit, though: twelve seconds would be
a generous maximum IMO, and any longer would be needlessly excessive
and even inconsiderate towards visitors of the page).

I've just uploaded a short (three seconds) sample of Gzarondan; the
phonetic transcription is ['tOnE@`S'prEgmEdg_<z6:'rOnd6:rin'prEgET]
and the translation is "Will you speak in the Gzarondan language?".

(The [g] in the /gz/ phoneme is technically a very brief [g_<].)



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