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Re: Another attempt to introduce myself

From:Matthew Butt <m.butt@...>
Date:Monday, July 15, 2002, 8:54
actually, yes. tho derived is a rather strong term. i'm not very good at
remembering totally new words, so  many of my roots are nicked from

bac, voice, is from sanskrt vac- or ie *wekw-, say

botar, wine, is from greek botry-, grape

there's also a formal way of borrowing roots, but these are taken as
foreign rather than native :

bumble-bee : borab ( native ), bonbo ( latin bombus, bombo- )

you can see that the native word is influenced by the phonetics of the
latin, but doesn't come out the same

i try to make this root-stealing relatively arbitrary, to avoid giving
bac too much of an ie flavour. however, as my knowledge is relatively
indoeuropean, it's bound to be a bit biased ! i hope the phonetic
changes involved iron this out a bit !

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Matthew Butt wrote:
> >adjectif dérivé de 'bac', prononcé /batS/. je l'avait écrit comme c,a >pour le rendre un peu plus francisé. en allemand, batschisch ? ! >
I've been wondering-- since you are evidently familiar with devanagari etc., are some of your words derived from Sanskrit (or later stages)? Indonesian has "baca" [batSa] 'to read', presumed to have developed from Skt. _vacayati_ 'speak', root /vac/ (?) 'voice' (Lat. vox). Or could it be a "corruption" of _bhas.a_ 'language'??