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(Re-)Introducing myself (longis

From:callanish <callanish@...>
Date:Monday, June 19, 2000, 19:41
Zöp! (That's "hi" in Cho-ba)

I saw a couple of introductions here recently and decided to do the same
since I was off the list for so long that many or most people here probably
have no idea who I am (and to the folks who *do* remember me, and sent those
kind e-mails welcoming me back, thank you!)

I'm 29 years old, from Boston, MA (grew up in a suburb, now living in Boston
itself). I've been conlanging since I was 12, when I invented my first
language, Cho-ba (which has, of course, gone through many revisions since
then). My first great passion is languages; apart from conlangs, my other
main language interests are Celtic languages (all of them), Germanic
languages (particularly Icelandic, Faroese, Frisian, Gothic and Anglo-Saxon),
and certain Romance languages (Catalan, Occitan, and Rumantsch). Also some
particular other languages here and there, especially Amharic, Maltese,
Basque, Estonian and Hungarian). Of course I don't actually speak all of
these, but they're the ones which fascinate me the most and which I've spent
tons of money buying books on! As far as conlangs go, my own main ones (i.e.
the ones I've kept and used) are Cho-ba, Osë, Jafo, Tesawa, Rozhendi and
Preetian. Cho-ba and Osë are connected in some way (Osë started out as a
revision of Cho-ba, and they borrow words from each other, etc.), Jafo is the
one that's least complex in morphology and mostly CVCV or CVCVC word
structure (I was reading "Teach Yourself Malay" around the time I made it),
Tesawa is the one with the funky alphabet, Rozhendi is my "personal Quenya"
as I call it (i.e. the "ideal" language for me personally, or as close to
that as I can come) and Preetian is the language I'm making with my brother
-- it started off as the language of the planet Preeta (part of our boyhood
universe) and remains so in fiction my brother writes, but is also becoming a
personal language we use between ourselves. Just about noone responded when I
posted my conlang page URL here ( so I
guess, since y'all just can't be bothered getting on the WWW to check stuff
out, that I'll have to post stuff about/in them here! :-) I'd like to maybe
get involved in the next relay thing that goes around or something. I'll have
to redo my Cho-ba and Rozhendi translations of the Babel Text for Jeffrey's
site, since both languages have changed since I first translated them! As for
conlangs invented by other people, I'm very into Talossan and Jameld. Both
those languages rock.

My other big passion is music -- I've been way into synths and MIDI for many
years now, and have been composing on them for as long. My fiancée (I'm
getting married in September) and I just released a CD of Gaelic pop, sort
of: traditional Gaelic lyrics and melodies set to my electronic compositions.
If anyone's interested in that, we have a website at

Well, I've babbled on about myself long enough here. I'll be typing to all of
you soon, and I'll be back with some posts in one or another of my conlangs
before long.

Cheerio the nou,

Thomas Leigh