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ELVES: was Elliott's people

From:Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 25, 2003, 14:24
Pavel Iosad <edricson@...> wrote on Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:45:56 +0300:

> > [pre-Celtic civilization] > > In fact, that's almost what Tolkien's Elves were initially, vide _The > Book of the Lost Tales)
Yes, I am very aware of that. In fact, my project was inspired by the _Book of Lost Tales_ (and a fan-fiction story apparently also inspired by it). The difference is that my Elves are plain humans, while the Elves in the _Book of Lost Tales_ have preternatural traits. I like the BLT very much and think that the connection JRRT drew to the real world back then was a good idea he unfortunately dropped (or at least did not elaborate on). I think the whole story lost quite much when it became detached from our world to a point where it is no longer clear that it takes place in the past, rather than in a parallel universe not connected to our world. An image I like to use is that of a "mythological onion". Tolkien peeled off many later layers, such as the diminuished size of the elves and their gossamer wings, and thus restored them to their old dignity. What I do is to peel off even more layers, down to something that actually could have existed in the real world.
> > [ancient Elvish grammarian] > > That would be Feanor, definitely. Or Rúmil perhaps :-)
Well, I don't take it as far as to borrow individual characters from Tolkien.
> > Overall, their culture > > is similar to that of Tolkien's Elves, but also shows "Celtic" traits. > > Which ones?
Their decorative styles are similar to Celtic ones, such as elaborate latticeworks. Elvish music is also very similar to what we think of as Celtic music.
> > Well, "Elves" is mainly a term of convenience I use as long > > as I haven't found out > > what these people call themselves. The reason why I call > > them "Elves" is > > the idea that the Celtic and Germanic traditions of elves are > > a distorted memory of the old civilization in pre-Celtic Britain. > > Almost what Tolkien wrote in "Aelfwine of England" :-)) (BLT2)
Yes. Only that in my version, the "Elves" are, as I have already pointed out, normal humans (and the island hasn't been dragged about by a sea-god). Jörg. ______________________________________________________________________________ Die SMS direkt auf's Handy. - Die Blitz-SMS bei WEB.DE FreeMail