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Re: Voiced ejectives (was Simafira : Phonetics)

From:Paul Roser <pkroser@...>
Date:Thursday, September 6, 2001, 14:09
David Peterson wrote:
> << but ejectives (glottalic egressives) may only be voiced. >> > > Uh...haven't you got that backwards? Ejectives may only be
> That's why all the ejectives on the standard IPA chard are voiceless > (s', k', p', ts').
Sorry, thought "voiceless", wrote "voiced". Nik Taylor wrote:
> Implosives actually are usually voiced. The reason is that the > glottis is left open as it is lowered. The glottis cannot vibrate > from air moving DOWN, and, unless it's a very narrow passage does
> much impede the movement of air. So, an open glottis in an ejective > would result in no sound, because there'd be no buildup of pressure > in the oral cavity, and would be pointless, as it would make no
sound. Thanks, Nik - though I believe a sort of "inverse voice" is possible, and Catford describes it as combinable with implosives (saying they have a sort of croaking quality - something for the Frog People's language? ;-) regards, Bfowol