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From:Kvasir - Vaijskä <kvasir@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 0:34
wow,thankx! just when i thought no one is reading them anymore after 1/2 a
year since i've started... :o)

The whole purpose of Fyksian news is to bring readers familiar with the Fyksian
culture and the social climate. There is actually a lot of research behind the
news to make it as believable as possible. Some items reflect real current
affairs in Europe, Canada, the US and around the world from Fyksian
perspective, while others tend to poke fun at them, taking a sarcastic tones.
There are also few headlines that are just "fillers" when the days are slow, if
you know what i mean. So most of the times you have to read between the lines
to see which one is which.

Yep you're correct, you could think of Fyksland as a country in a parallel
universe, IF fyksland was to exist. Or as how I like to think of it, Fyksland
exists in our world, just "unknown". :o)

Indeed, the country has some kind of history with Denmark, as you can see from
some of the place names. Niekopenhaag is one of them and indeed it means New
Copenhagen. As for Jørlantä, it could be related to Jutland, maybe not...  :o)

you can learn more about the Fyksian history and the Fyksian people here:

As for my email address, i think i'll keep it undisclosed hehe... I think i've
spoiled the Fyksian mystery for a lot of you... :o)

But .as is the code for American Samoa.


At 11:14 11-02-02, you wrote:
I think your paper for your con-country is brilliant!
I love its verisimilitude.  But I have to ask whether
it is part of an alternative universe or just an
"unknown" country within our own world.  I ask because
in the first story my rough translation of the source
(not having a background in Scandinavian languages)
was, "New Copenhagen, Jutland", which to me would
describe some state of affairs in an alternate-world

Also, I am unfamiliar with the 'net suffix .as--where
are you from?


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