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Re: OT: Star Trek (was RE: Star Trek)

From:Ph.D. <phil@...>
Date:Saturday, May 20, 2006, 22:40
Sam Drost wrote:
> > Here ya go SVO, OVS, VSO, and VOS: > > I hit the dog. > The dog was hit by me. > Hit by me was the dog. > Hit the dog, I did.
No, those are not valid as I understand the labels OVS, VSO, and VOS. Something more like these: 1. With dreams to fly, we touched the sky. 2. On bended knee, the sky touched we. 3. On a heartfelt sigh, touched we the sky. 4. Touched the sea, in a dream boat we. (I'm not a poet, and I know it.) --Ph. D.