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questions (and)

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, November 3, 2001, 15:05
>> A conjunction "and" (or a word with a broader usage
subsuming the domain of "and") - Why a separate word? Why any marking at all?
> Is there any natural language without one?
I think the conversation is about the conjunction "and" and if any natlang lacks it? Perhaps Kenji would know better than myself, as I'm assuming by his name that he would be familiar with Jpn. In Jpn, the concept of association, while existent, functions quite differently from English and other western languages - even Finnish. Jpn often makes use of "additionally" and "furthermore," but totally lacks the "and" of "I go and buy it" -- they just say, going buy. Then, you got your _to_ patterns (where _to_ is sort of like "with"). Rather vague explanation, but I'm too tired now to explain in detail. Besies, I hope Kenji may be able to pick up where I leave off.... Matt33 __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Find a job, post your resume.