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Re: Hanzi in conlangs.

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, September 9, 2005, 16:42

Steven Williams <feurieaux@...> writes:
> Has anyone here attempted to use hanzi in their > conlangs? I am tempted to put my own conlang to a > (modified) hanzi set, and I'm looking for ideas, like > how on earth I'll handle the particles that don't have > their own character in Chinese, and how I'll indicate > the complex ablaut and sandhi that goes on in my > language...
I started one project of this kind once, mainly for learning Hanzi myself. :-) But I didn't get far. So this will not be too much help. Anyway: As for the particles: I'd either use a mixed mode script like Korean or Japanese, or, maybe more interesting, also use Chinese characters. The latter system could be based on pronunciation -- Chinese has a set of characters that's frequently used for phonetic transcriptions, maybe that set is a starting point. Ah, the sandhi: I'd ignore them in writing, possibly having a secondary script used for children and for writing phonetically in general, for having at least the expressiveness to write *about* the sandhi. The only conlangs I can remember have themselves been very close to Chinese grammar, e.g. Bauhinese. I think it was discussed on eastasianconlangs a good while ago, maybe a bit on conlang, too. Anyway, a very interesting project -- probably a lot of work, too! :-) And I hope others have more ideas for this. **Henrik