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A favor

From:Jeffrey Henning <jeffrey@...>
Date:Thursday, July 22, 2004, 3:33
I assuming your conlang has a home on the Web.  If it does, I hope I link to
it from (if not, fill this out and I will:  If you have a site, would you
mind linking back to my site using the following link?

<a href="">Conlang Profiles at</a>

Why?  Simply because my site is #10 on Google for "conlang".  Ranked above
it are many worthy sites, but also three sites that are haven't been updated
in years.  Turns out Google values not only seniority but also having the
word being searched on in the URL (all nine above my page have the word
"conlang" in them, as does my new URL above).

If you could take a minute right now and update your site, I would really
appreciate it.  And if you link to one of the three popular but now defunct
conlang directories, you could change those links to three updated
directories inspired by them that I published on Conlang Day.

The new directory view similar to Richard Kennaway's old list is called
"Conlangs At A Glance": -- to
support it, I've added new fields to the conlang database, for Conculture,
Sample Quotation, Explanation and Translation.  If I already link to your
language, please update its directory entry to include these new fields.
(When you look at the new page, please ignore the instances of awkward or
ungrammatical wording -- this report is dynamically generated from the
database, and I'm still working out some bugs.)

As always, I appreciate any suggestions for improving Langmaker.  And of
course I will link to your conlang regardless of whether or not you choose
to link back.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Henning Webmaster

"At some point in the next century the number of invented languages will
probably overtake the number of surviving natural languages."
- Cullen Murphy in Atlantic Monthly (October, 1995)


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