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Weakly Vocab in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, January 15, 2004, 5:51
I was going to complain that you'd hit all the sore points in Kash vocab.-that
almost all of these were in the to-do or the WHAT?? List-but I was wrong!! Only
one new word was discovered.

Early in the morning.
(ri) kandini lero (at/in) front-its day

Late in the afternoon.
(ri) çeluñi lero (at/in) back-its day

Sooner or later.
cumimu iti çeluñi '[in a little while] or back-its
colloq. Micu ti çelum

veluni 'new-its' or maybe leroç taç 'day-pl this-pl= these days'

A new building. nekan velu

A recent fad. ñambap velu ( ~velu-velu)
The new word ñambap is colloq., irreg. deriv. < ñañap 'avid, enthusiastic,
excited (about s.t.)' also new

An old man  kaç (person) ~kaçut (man) marok

An old building  nekan marok

The man in the jail can hardly hear the bird in the tree in this season,
which is bad.
Kaçut yu ri pundipat // napi pole yasosir // tukrimin ri ange (ri) loca tayu, i pañ muçipo na
Man that LOC prison //barely can he-hear // bird-acc. LOC tree (LOC) season this,
[and that's too bad (see comment)]
One could simplify the subject phrase to "kambundi yu" the prisoner; the //...//
verb phrase could also be 1. polepi yasorir or 2. pole yasosipri-with full
"napi" it's most emphatic. The exact meaning of "...which is bad" eludes me, so
I've translated it "...and what-a too-bad~sorry!-just well". It would be
pronounced [ipam'buSipona] with secondary stress on _na_

The bird can be heard. 
mangos/angoram tukrimi pole isosir ~misosir
Voice~cry/motion bird-gen can they-hear ~we-hear 
Fronted object-- closest equiv. to a passive in Kash.

The bird is audible.
mangos/angoram tukrimi (ya)pososir
The Potential (po-) form of trans.verbs usually has passive meaning: able to be
heard; potikas 'able to be seen, visible'etc.
Our literal-minded Kash friends would want to know exactly what the bird is doing
that can be heard.

The bird flies above the top of the upper part of my hat.
Tukrim yu yaturin ri vitani nihiñi kayapmi
Bird that 3s-fly at above-its top-its hood-my. 
(Kash don't wear hats. In all these, tumbrik (which don't sing) could be used
instead of tukrim (which do)-and they aren't birds, but small gliding

I get the hint - masosir tutekti "I hear your suggestion"
perhaps colloq. just "te sosi, na" 'you (I)hear, just' [teso'si: na], also sosimmi
tutetti [so'sim:i tu'tEt:i]

Don't take me seriously - kukusappo mam, na "not-to-be-taken-seriously-just I, well"
Kukusap also means 'silly, trivial', deriv. < kusap 'froth'
More literal:  yanda me vacambo do-not me-dat believe-just (with a wink)

I wish you were here.
tecami, hale ritan OR ...ritandi hat
wish-my, you-are here ....right-here you(emph.)
Maybe "hale" should be future tense, haleto, though it seems redundant.

Nothing matters but you.
Napo-naponi hate (ma)rumbola
Only/the only thing  you-dat (I)-value/appreciate
(awkward but it works)

(If this msg. is garbled, it's because I wrote it in WORD.