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Re: Translation of head-marking, depenend-marking, evidentiality

From:Julia "Schnecki" Simon <helicula@...>
Date:Monday, October 17, 2005, 13:03

On 10/17/05, Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...> wrote:
> See > > - I need a translation of these into German, but haven't found one for each > of these yet.
I entered various wild guesses into Lycos's search engine, and it seems that the translations you're looking for are "kopfmarkierend"/"Kopfmarkierung", "dependensmarkierend"/"Dependensmarkierung", and "Evidentialität", respectively. Who would have thought -- I'd probably have used these exact terms as calques, but I wouldn't have guessed that actual German-speaking linguists actually use them in their publications. :-) (Technically, I'm a German-speking linguist myself, but I've never published anything linguistic...) The paper "Subanalyse verbaler Flexionsmarker" by Gereon Müller ( contains the first two pairs. (He spells the adjectives "Kopf-markierend" and "Dependens-markierend", which I guess is technically OK (I don't have my Duden nearby), but IMHO much uglier than my own -- equally Duden-sanctioned -- spelling up there.) "Evidentialität" appears on a number of German-language linguistic websites, such as, which also has the related terms "evidentiale Markierung" and "evidentials" (huh? no German term for this concept?). (Hmm... I guess I'd translate "evidential" as "Evidentiale" (neutr.) if we're dealing with a separate stem, "Evidentialmarker" if it's some sort of bound morpheme, and "Evidentialphrase" if it's a phrase of its own. "Evidentiale" could also be the umbrella term for all three concepts.) Regards, Julia (returning to lurk mode) -- Julia Simon (Schnecki) -- Sprachen-Freak vom Dienst _@" schnecki AT iki DOT fi / helicula AT gmail DOT com "@_ si hortum in bybliotheca habes, deerit nihil (M. Tullius Cicero)