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Vocabs 10a and 10b (KuJomu)

From:Gracie V. <the1@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 29, 2003, 20:51
I know nobody reads these but I enjoy doing them (and figure I might as well
reply, since I don't post much anyway) - please keep sending!

Vocab #10a

Topic: negation

1. bathe

        He didn't bathe yesterday.

Ka teh bunasa velam.

(neg.) (past tense ind.) bathe(3rd.pers.masc.formal) this day ago.

2. narrow


       This road isn't that narrow.

u-haraha ka'z ta estu.

the road(this one) (neg.)is that/so much narrow.

3. jealous

Closest thing in KuJomu would be Ketike (Literally: spite-having-to-do-with).

        I am not jealous!

Ka tyolu'm ketike!

(neg.) be afflicted with(1st pers. fam.) something to do with spite

4. sting

i-Syep (also To Stab, To Shoot)

        Luckily, the hornet didn't sting me.

Sesudi', u-bachi ka teh meksyep.

[due to moral correctness], the (stinging insect) (neg.) (past tense ind.) (1st
pers. fam. accus.) sting.

5. who

Uno/Temyo/Kwi (depending on concept)

        Who wouldn't?

Kaya temyo ye?

(neg.)(conditional ind.) Who(unknown) (question ind.)

6. grief

Jyosukash (negative mental state)

        She couldn't come to grips with her grief.

Ka teh wudobweso s'jyosukash.

(neg.) (past tense ind.) deal with (potential conditional) (3rd pers. pos. fam.)
negative mental state.

7. decrease


        The profits have not decreased for 2 years.

Wonkeyy ka chetul na dho zhan.

(pl.) Profit (neg.) have decreased (all-purpose preposition) two year.

8. annoy


        You couldn't annoy me if you tried.

Ka pwabwebe meknyete yo chagayabeyo.

(neg.) Be able to(pot. cond.)(2nd pers. fam.) 1st pers. fam.  if (agnostic ind.)
try (cond./2nd pers. fam./agnostic ind.)

> 9. camera
Werafe (lit. "Picture/image-doer") That is not a camera - it's a calculator. Keho ka'z anWerafe - Zu anShife. That (thing) (neg)be a Camera - Be (3rd pers. fam.) a Calculator. (Lit. "Number-doer") 10. boot Suleh (shoe) She doesn't like boots. Ka sukso susuleh. (neg.) like(3rd pers. fem. form) (pl.)shoe. Don't boot him out! Ka sekzwurasih! (neg.) (3rd.pers.common.throw away(imperative) Vocab #10b topic: Up for grabs 1. her Possessive: s' (common), so- (formal), tau- (superior) Directive: Ase/-set' (common) Aso/-sot' (formal) Amtau/-taut' (superior) Accusative: Sehe/Seku (common), Soho/Soku (formal), Mtau/Ntau/-tauku (superior) 2. poor (to be pitied): Talak (quality): Kask 3. sexual Teyake 4. origin Baz 5. wise Imqu 6. cut i-Kru (infinitive) (past perfect): Krule or Kru'l 7. active Zudek 8. among Zilye 9. service Daske 10. his Possessive Adjective - S' (common), sa- (formal), tai- (superior) Possessive Pronoun - Seyu (common), Sayu (formal), Mtaiyu or Ntaiyu (superior)


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