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The Kai'shanar

From:Keolah Kedaire <keolah@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 14, 2000, 20:03
Well, now with finals out of the way for this term, I've got a new project
going involving a family of languages descended from the language of the
Kai'shanar. I don't have much yet, barely have anything from the second
generation languages, and dont't even plan to bother with grammar until
the third or fourth. If I get to it at all, if I don't lose my notes like
I did with several dozen languages... *chuckle*

Kai'shanar roughly translates as "Firstborn", and it has five descendants,
called Kai'kebri, Shai'kebri, Nai'kebri, Tai'kebri, and Vei'kebri, meaning
first, second, third, fourth, and fifth language. Their world is known, in
Kai'shanar, as Thasa'dar, or "Rainbow". In each of the child languages,
different sound changes were made, and each is in a different geographical
area on Thasa'dar (islands, desert, mountains, etc). (I really should
finish that map...)

The Kai'shanar language seemed to have many words that had many meanings.
The general convention in its child languages was to put words together to
specify the meaning, as in Kai'shanar, but in Kai'shanar each word was
kept separate by an apostrophe, which fell into disuse.

eg. in Kai'shanar, "brene" could mean purple, or to control, or a leader.
"dar" could mean color, or to see.
In Kai'kebri, "brenedar" means purple.

I plan to use a modified version of the Margadian grammar for the as-yet
unnamed third generation Kai'kebri language.

--Keolah the Seeker
"So long as people have dreams, the world will never grow stagnant."