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My website will be down temporarily

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Thursday, December 4, 2008, 2:17
My website (including information on gjâ-zym-byn, Toki Pona,
and various other conlangs, and on the Esperanto Society
for Metro Atlanta) will be down for some time tomorrow as
I transfer my personal web page contents (hopefully with
the same URL) from one residential DSL/phone line account
to another.  If all goes well and AT&T is telling me correctly,
it will only be for a short time, but I suspect it may be some
hours and if something goes wrong, it may be days.
The conlang  sections of my pages (excluding Esperanto
information) are mirrored at

If you have bookmarks, or especially if you have links
in your own website, to any URL beginning:

now would be a good time to change them to use
the permanent URL, starting:

Currently the URL redirects to the URL, and it will probably do so
after tomorrow, but if I am informed incorrectly and
I wind up not being able to use the same URL
on the new phone account promptly after cancelling
the old one, I may take the opportunity to switch
to some other webhosting service, perhaps
googlepages.   Feel free to email me with suggestions
about free and low-cost webhosting services.
In any case
will, once the site is back up whether at
the bellsouthpwp or some other host, redirect
to the actual current address.

Jim Henry