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Re: Orthography help, please.

From:bob thornton <arcanesock@...>
Date:Saturday, September 25, 2004, 4:56

Tamas Racsko <tracsko@...> wrote:
"On 20 Sep 2004 bob thornton wrote:

> The way I work on a language is phonemes first, orthography second, > tactics last of the sound/sound representation section of the language. > So, no, I do not have the phonotactics yet. I just started on it this > weekend.
If I were you :)) I would fix the basics of phonotactics before development of orthography because spelling possibilities are limited by the allowed sound clusters. If you would choose e.g. |tr| for /t`/ you would have later problems with the notation of sound cluster /tr\/ (if you will admit it in the phonotactics)." Sorry for the delay in reply: Have been updating and revising both the phonology and the phonotactics of the so far nameless lang. The revised phonology is... CONSONANTS Plosives (NOTE: Similar sounds are grouped together to save space. I am not indicating allophones) /t/ /t_h/ /t`/ /d/ /d_h/ /d`/ /k/ /k_h/ /k_?\/ /g/ /g_h/ /g_?\/ /p/ /p_h/ /p_?\/ /b/ /b_h/ /b_?\/ Nasals /m/ /m_h/ /m_?\/ /n/ /n_h/ /n`/ /N/ /N_h/ /N_?\/ Fricatives /s/ /s_h/ /s`/ /z/ /z_h/ /z`/ /S/ /S_?\/ /Z/ /Z_?\/ /K/ /K`/ /K\/ /K\`/ Liquids /r\/ /r\_h/ /r\`/ /l/ /l`/ VOWELS /i/ /I/ /e/ /E/ /&/ /6/ /@/ /u/ /o/ /V/ /O/ Four vowels can be long: /i/ /e/ /o/ /u/ PHONOTACTICS: (as much as I have) Available word forms: CV, CVC, CVCV, CVCVC, Retroflex liquids and vowels cannot start a word. Aspirated consonants and lateral fricatives cannot be word final. Stress falls on the ultimate syllable on verbs, and the penultimate on nouns. The schwa only occurs in unstressed position. Verbs can only be CVCV, CVCVC I'm planning on developing roots from proto-indo-european... can this be done with the available phonemes and phonotactics? --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail Address AutoComplete - You start. We finish.