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From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Saturday, November 10, 2007, 18:57
Not so long ago, IIRC, there were some messages about the use
of "rather."  I have finally come up with Senjecan solutions as
follows.  The definitions are from the AHD.

1. rather = more readlily, preferably.
rather = to prefer, mêêqa (in the subj.).
I would rather die than hurt you.
mus mêêru sómi tum côrmu mêêqo.
I to-die than you to-hurt would-prefer.

2. rather = with more reason, logic, etc.
rather = more logically, reasonably, ólvu &#447;êêjvi (< &#447;êêja, to
conceive, understand, reason)
My opinion is rather to be believed.
músyo mînas ólvu &#447;êêjvi mînaþas tââlu êsa.
my opinion more logically believed to-become is.

3. rather = with more accuracy.
rather = more accurately, ólvu vúndëvi (adv. < adj. vûndis, accurate,
He is my friend or, rather, my dearest friend.
nus músyo vîîlus mhe ólvu vúndëvi músy' ólvu &#312;oínru vîîlus êsa.
he my friend or more accurately my more dear friend is.

4. rather = to a certain extent, somewhat.
rather = sómvi (adv. < adj. sômis, some).
The house is rather cold today.
mhêêsos dámrëvi sómv' ûqros êsa.
house today rather cold is.

5. rather = on the contrary.
rather = ántëvi, contrarily (adv. < adj. ântis, contrary, opposite).
He did not go with us, rather he went with his family.
nus mhun per sûna ne, ántëvi, núsyo aþalôn per sûna.
he us PAST-PART. accompany not, rather, his family PAST-PART.

I'm always interested in how others create vocabulary and grammar.