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Re: McGuffey in Curnalis [Re: O tempora! Naming the case.]

From:Mark Reed <markjreed@...>
Date:Saturday, December 25, 2004, 3:08
On Fri, 24 Dec 2004 16:37:30 -0500, Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...> wrote:
> I have decided for now to name my new language Curnalis, which > in its orthography represents ['],
Maybe. C might be [ts] or [tS]. Also, the emphasis is on the last syllable: ['lis]. And the grammar has already changed and invalidated part of what I sent before, so here's revision 0.2. 1. The dog. Fazu. |faz| dog |-u| NOM SG DEF The dog ran. Fazu foras. |for| run |-as| PAST IND DECL Order is SV. 2. The cat. Kasu. |kas| cat The mat. Odu. |od| mat Is the cat on the mat? Oderu kasu war? |eru| LOC SG DEF |w| be |ar| PRES IND INTERR Adverbs precede the SV clause. ["Oderu kasu" sounds very Japanese to me . . . purely coincidental, tho] 3.The man. Baju. |baj| man A pen. Tel. |tel| pen 0 NOM SG INDEF The man has a pen. Baju telat anis. |-at| ACC SG INDEF |an| have |is| PRES IND DECL Order is SOV. Is the pen in his hand? Telu pameru tuse war? |tu| 3SG PRON (epicene) |-se| GEN (may be attached to any case ending) It is in his hand. Pameru tuse ewis. |e-| 3SG person indicator, only required when no explicit subject 4. A fat hen. Gem hej. |gem| hen |hej| fat Adjectives follow modified nouns. A big rat. Temple ton. |temple| rat |ton| big The fat hen is on the box. Gem heju kaceru wis. Definite marker transferred to adjective. |kac| box The rat ran from the box. Templu kaceru wa foras. |wa| from, postposition, object in locative Can the hen run? Gemu forin jesar? |-in| infinitive, not marked for case when used as noun |jes| be able to 5. See Rab! Rabacu judise! |acu| ACC SG DEF Proper names treated as definite |ju-| 2PL prefix |dis| see |-e| PRES IMPERATIVE See Ann! Annacu judise! See! Rab has the hat! Judise! Rabu fedacu anis. |fed| hat Can Ann catch Rab? Annu Rabacu ensin jesar? |ens| catch 6. Ann can catch Rab. Annu Rabacu ensin jesis. See! She has the hat. Judise! Fedacu eanis. Now Ann can pat Rab. Akenu Annu Rabacu najsin jesis. |akenu| now; presumably implies |akeru| here and others |najs| pat Let me pat Rab too. Sue Rabacu inajsin usajil. |sue| also |i-| 1SG |u-| 2SG |saj| allow, permit, let |-il| FUT IMPERATIVE