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Re: Vowelspace vs. Colorspace

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Sunday, October 16, 2005, 18:23
> >And now for something completely different:
>Wow, you're a synaesthete! I'm not one myself, but it's always struck me as >a very interesting and magical way of seeing the world (on Huna, all >wizards are syaesthetes). A while ago I did an evening class on history of >art, and wrote an essay about Wassily Kandinsky, the synaesthetic abstract >artist who saw his paintings as musical compositions. Have you been able to >make use of your experiences in conlanging? > >Pete
I'm only very mildly synesthetic; I don't really "see" sounds. I just form an association, as if eg. [i] and the color white shared some property X (whose exact nature is of course not possible to convey by words). And I need to think of it specifically, it doesn't (usually) come instantly. So I haven't really been able to use it to my advantage. It does add extra color to life, tho ;D But like I mentioned, a highschool friend of mine was more heavily synesthetic; he could name the color of almost anything instantly. I never figured out if he actually saw something, too. And he was not limited to connecting auditive and visual signals; he could also connect people and colors, colors and shapes, shapes and odors, etc. John Vertical