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Subject: Relative clauses and lambda calculus

From:takatunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Sunday, October 3, 2004, 14:49
Pablo Barenbaum wrote:
These kilometric expressions make me believe this is probably violating
a language universal, in the sense that it is counter-intuitive. Anyway,
at least for me, it is an interesting theoretical exercise.
 To create a real conlang, the apply operator should be grammaticalized
somehow (as an inflection, syntactically, etc.). I leave the rest as an
exercise to the conlang world.
I am math death, blind and mute so would you be so kind as to examplify your finding with dummy vocabulary? Does it deal with two-object predicates as well? Until now, the best i've seen to deal nested stuff in natlangs is marking the start and the end of the subclause and referring to its head back within the subclause. What other device do you use here? Thanks in advance. µ