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From:R. Skrintha <srik@...>
Date:Saturday, October 10, 1998, 8:09

On Sun, 4 Oct 1998, Sally Caves wrote:


> Other people may have gone into conlanging because they are > bilingual. Mia's remark stirred my curiosity as well. How many of you > conlangers know other languages, and what is the extent of that knowledge?
I can speak English, Tamil, Hindi, French, German, Russian and Finnish with some fluency, the first two the most fluently, and the last the least. But in all but English i usually need a dictionary when reading serious material: be it a novel or scientific material. A pity! Each of these langs are mutually so different that i rarely suffer from "dialectal/linguistic interference". I know a bit of Sanskrit as a default of my Hindu upbringing. Since my German is self-taught, i am unable to comment on my own accent, but i think it's easier for me to understand North Western dialects of the lang than other dialects. As to Russian, apparently, i tend to talk in the Moscowian dialect. (The chief difference between this and the Southern dialects seems to be that the former tends to palatalize its consonants and front vowels, and unround unstressed "o"'s) When i began learning Russian by myself, i started off with what must have been a very phony accent! Later I had the fortune to learn it for a few months under the tutelage of a lady from Moscow. She was a profound thinker who was keen to know the meanings of certain esoteric Indian philosophical concepts in order to translate them into Russian. And thru these discussions i managed to improve my spoken Russian. Thanks, skrintha