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From:Matt Pearson <mpearson@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 20, 1999, 17:05
Sorry to take so long in replying to inquiries about the conlang my
students and I are creating in our Language and the Mind class.  I
was for some reason unable to send messages from my account at home,
but I think that problem has been fixed, so I'm re-forwarding the
messages that bounced.  More on the class conlang coming up...


>Patrick Dunn wrote: > >>I"m curious. Is the rest of the language going to procede randomly, or >>are you going to give some free reign to creativity? > >Random wheel spins will be used to determine the grammatical features >of the language - e.g. basic word order, syllable structure, what kinds >of features will be marked by morphemes and whether those morphemes >will be prefixes or suffixes, what kind of pronoun system the language >will have, what kinds of regular phonological rules it will have, >etc. etc.. Students will have a chance to exercise their creativity >in the arena of vocabulary construction. (I'm really curious to see >what kinds of words they come up with...) > >Also, at the end of the course, students will be required to write >a term paper, and one of the topics they can choose to work on is >expanding on some aspect of the conlang or conculture in more detail. >For example, when this course was taught in a previous year, one >student chose to compose a series of magazine advertisements in the >conlang (which involved developing a series of slogans). Another >student wrote a poem in the conlang and did a mock-scholarly analysis >of it. I'm hoping the students can exercise their imaginations once >the basic parameters of the language have been established. > >Matt.
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