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Bahasan. Careton etc.

From:Via_Acadon <via_acadon@...>
Date:Sunday, November 23, 2003, 22:34
 From Leo Moser: As 2003 nears its close, I would like to thank all those on
Conlang who have over the years so generously contributed their thoughts to the
Project Bahasan (vocabulary) project, and more recently, to those who so kindly
have participated in the Carelon project (phonotacticsand orthographics) by
commenting on sample texts supplied to themoutside the mail group. Bahasan and
Carelon are, of course, not Conlangs as such, butrather research modules for
the larger Acadon project -- Acadon totake the form of an international
auxiliary language. I am in the midst of some major reforms in Acadon -- which
will takeconsiderable time to implement. Thus I do not expect to be very active
in this group at this time. There are, however some Artlang features in Acadon
about which I may be consulting.Again many thanks to those involved.
Leovia_acadonLeo John Moser

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