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POEM in Silindion

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Saturday, October 27, 2001, 18:15
I was recently searching for Shamanistic poems since the speakers of Silindion
follow primarily Shamanism or Druidism, and I wanted to get new material for a
poem, rather than the same old prayer to their Moon-goddess "Alarie". So I came
up with this one, apparently originally from Tibetan.

Oh flower, born on the earth, flower growing in the sky.
Small on earth are the flowers, the flower is beautiful like the angels!
It may be that the spirits of some place wound , that the men of some place hurt her.
The queen who lives in heaps of flowers,
The queen who lives in a multitude of flowers,
The queen who lives in a group of a hundred flowers,
The queen who lives in the buds of flowers.
Oh living storm-air flower, flower of angels
Flower of spirits, flower of angels,
Flower shining like the sun
Flower shining like the white-moon,
Oh flower from whom there is a gift, snow flower.
Oh flower from whom there are grandchildren, flower from whom there are grandchildren.
It may be that the spirits of some place wound, that the men of some place hurt her.
May be the great spirits of some place are wounding.
I desire that they come.
Come, you great spirits!

I changed some of the original words, so that it would fit Silindion more. Then I translated it:

A nolna, nistë onórneavi, nolna i nona tarkilvi.
Pantëa emë onórnëavi nolanyë, nolnar niva vaureitma i!
Voreinë ta seirintë i vaurë ïenalim, ta seirintië i nima ïenalim,
I nistarïe të yo-lintun o demeivi nolanyëa,
I nistarïe të yo-lintun o naivi nolanyëa,
I nistarïe të yo-lintun matandavi nolanyëa,
I nistarïe të yo-lintun novinyavi nolanyëa.
A nolna yarmëa lintoni, nolna vauleiri,
Nolna kormeiri, nolna vauleiri,
Nolna i silna tilitma,
Nolna i silna nolimatma,
A nolna talim yova më i nenë, i nolna nossëa.
A nolna talim yova më i nainimë, i nolna talim yova më i nainimë.
Voreine ta seirintë i vaurë ïenalim, ta seirintie i nima ïenalim.
Voreina ta seirintë i naivaurë ïenalim.
Ninisi ta hwilintë.
Filenta, a nassa naivaurë!
/a `no:lna `ni:ste o`no:rneavi `no:lna i `no:na tar`ki:lvi/
/`pa:ntea `E:me o`no:rneavi no`lanje `no:lnar `ni:va vawr`e:tma i/
/vo`re:ne ta s.e`rI:nte i `vawre iE`na:lim ta s.e`rIntie i `ni:ma iE`na:lim/
/i nis`ta:rie te jolIn`tu:n o dE`me:vi no`la:njea/
/i nis`ta:rie te jolI`ntu:n o `najvi no`la:njea/
/i nis`ta:rie te jolIn`tu:n matan`da:vi no`la:njea/
/i nis`ta:rie te jolIn`tu:n novIn`javi no`la:njea/
/a `no:lna `ja:rmea lIn'to:ni `no:lna vaw`le:ri/
/`no:lna kor`me:ri `no:lna vaw`le:ri/
/`no:lna i `s.i:lna ti`li:tma/
/'no:lna i `s.i:lna noli`ma:tma/
/a `no:lna `ta:lim `jo:va me i `nE:ne i `no:lna `no:sea/
/a `no:lna `ta:lim `jo:va me i naj`ni:me i `no:lna `ta:lim jo:va me i naj`ni:me/
/vo`re:ne ta s.e`rI:nte i `vawre iEn`a:lim ta s.e`rI:ntie i `ni:ma iE`na:lim)
/vo`re:na ta s.e`rI:nte i naj`vawre iE`na:lim/
/nin`i:s.i ta hwil`I:nte/
/fi`lE:nta a `na:sa naj`vawre/
VOC: vocative particle
PL: plural
LOC: locative
PREP: preposition
SUBJ: subjunctive
OPT/IMPV: optative/imperative
DET: determiner
EMPH: emphasis particle
GER: gerund
ABL: ablative
GEN: genetive
PRES: prese
PRP: present participle
COLL: collective
SING: singular
PP: past participle
REL: relative (a nominal case meaning ?about, like?)
ESS: essive (a nominal case meaning ?as, it is ?.?)
ADJ: adjectival
OBJ: object

1) a : VOC
2) dema : heap, group (deme PL > demeivi PL-LOC)
3) eme : on (PREP + LOC)
4) filyello : to come (fil-i-nte, come-SUBJ-3rdp)
   (fil-e-nta, come-OPT/IMPV-2ndp)
5) i : DET 'the', EMPH, i+GER = "while doing"
6) iena : place, area (ienalim ABL)
7) korma : spirit (korme PL > kormeiri PL-GEN)
8) lanta : hail
9) lintiello : to live (lint-u-n, live-PRES-3rds)
   (lintu-ani > lintoni live-PRP)
10) matanda : group of a hundred (mata-nda hundred-COLL)
11) me : there is, there are
12) nai : great, multitude (nai-vi multitude-LOC)
13) nainima : grand-child(nainime grand-child-PL)
14) nassa: you (2ndp)
15) naivauro : great spirit (naivaure + PL)
16) nene : gift
17) niello : to grow, bud  (no-na grow-GER)
18) nima : men (SING, na)
19) niniello : to desire (nin-i-si desire-PRES-1sts)
20) nihyello : to bear (nis-te bear-PP)
21) nistarie : queen
22 niva : beauty
23) nolima  : white-moon
    (nolima-tma moon-REL ?like moon/about moon?)
24) nolna : flower  (nolna-r flower-COP ?flower is?)
  (nolan-ya-i > nolanye flower-PL-ESS ?it is a flower')
  (nolan-ya-ya > nolanyea flower-PL-ADJ ?of flowers, flowery?)
25) nossa : snow (nossa-ya > nossea snow-ADJ)
26) novin : bud (novin-ya-vi  bud-PL-LOC)
27) onorne : earth (onorne-avi earth-LOC)
28) pantea : small
29) seiryello : to wound, hurt
    (seir-i-nte  hurt-SUBJ-3rdp)
(seir-i-nte-ie > seirintie hurt-SUBJ-3rdp-OBJ.feminine)
30) sille : to shine (sil-na shine-GER)
31) ta : that, the one, which
   (ta + yova = relative pronoun inanimate)
   (ta-lim which-ABL)
32) tarkil : sky (tarkil-vi sky-LOC)
33) te : he, the one, who
   (te + yo- = relative pronoun animate)
34) til : sun (til-itma  sun-REL, ?like the sun?)
35) vauro : spirit, angel (vauro-i > vaure angel-PL)
    (vauro-i-ri > vauleiri angel-PL-GEN)
    (vauro-i-tma angel-PL-REL)
36) voreine : perhaps  (voreine ta ?it may be that?)
37) yarmea : storm-air (adjective)
38) yo- : who (relative animate)
39) yova : which (relative inanimate)

Sorry for the length or this, I just thought it was quite interesting! :)



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