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Newbie alert...

From:Bjorn Kristinsson <bjornkri@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 15:44
Hi there.

I'm new to the list and thought I'd introduce myself before doing anything
else :)

Right, then. I'm a long-time conlanger, but was unaware of conlanging as a
hobby until a few years ago when I ran into some conlanging webpages. Since
then I've been much more serious in my approaches to conlanging, but sadly
I still haven't managed to create a conlang that has gotten past
the "right, I'm going to make a conlang now, and this is what I want it to
be like" stage. But still, with every attempt I feel I'm getting closer, so
I might put up a language of my own on a page one of these days, who knows.

Anyway, currently I'm studying English in the University of Iceland in
Reykjavik, with emphasis on linguistics, of course :)

Enough for now, looking forward to a getting to know you all on the conlang
list :D


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