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Re: Khoisan (was: Basque & Katzner's Languages of the World)

From:Daniel Andreasson <rymddaniel@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 20, 2001, 14:03
Matt Pearson wrote:

>I don't know. The colleague in question is named Bonnie Sands, and to be >honest I have no idea what ever became of her. She graduated about 3-4 >years before I did, and I haven't heard from her since. I think her >dissertation is probably available for purchase through the UCLA >Linguistics Department, but whether she ever turned it into a 'real' >publication I don't know.
A search on Google turns up the following: Bonny Sands Adjunct Assistant Professor of Linguistics Department of English Northern Arizona University Ph.D. Linguistics, UCLA Author of: Eastern and Southern African Khoisan: Evaluating Claims of Distant Linguistic Relationships. Koln: Radiger Koppe Verlag, 1998. "An acoustic study of Xhosa clicks." Actes du XIIème Congres International des Sciences Phonetiques. Aix-en-Provence, 1991. "Comparison and classification of Khoisan languages." Language History and Linguistic Description. Trenton: Africa World Press, 1998. "Interpreting Hadza Data." Festschrift for A. Traill. Koln: Radiger KoppeVerlag, in press. Apparently she's on the Advisory Council of Experts (for Khoisan) at, as well. (I'm interested in the matter since a friend of mine here at Stockholm Uni is probably going to do fieldwork on Hadza.) ||| daniel _________________________________________________________________ Hämta MSN Explorer kostnadsfritt på